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❝ wrecked-lou asked: hey! im selling two of my tickets to the WWA show on august 7th, and i was wondering if you could show this to your followers! they are section 304, row 13, seats 12 and 13. im selling them at face value, but price is negotiable. thanks so much! please contact me if you have any interest!

If anyone’s interested

harrystyles: One. Two. Tree.

harrystyles: One. Two. Tree.

❝ Anonymous asked: Hi, this is my first time I have written on tumblr,but I wanted to make sure I said Happy Birthday!!!!

thanks love :)

❝ Anonymous asked: sorry that was bitchy of me earlier i was in a bad mood and took it on you. it's not like anyone's paying you to update this and you do a lot and are often the most up to date. again, sorry for being an asshole to you.

it’s alright, everyone has bad moods sometimes xx

❝ Anonymous asked: I'll message you off anon tomorrow and see what we can some up with editing theme wise. It's night time where I live now so goodnight have a great birthday too

Thank you and awesome can’t wait :) xx

❝ flourishandbotts asked: Hi! I have three tickets to the concert at Gillette Stadium on august 8 sections 305 row 21 seats 22-24 the tickets are $60 I was wondering if maybe any of your followers might want them xx

if anyone’s interested :)

❝ Anonymous asked: I really want to change your theme and edit loads of stuff so people have the right links and your page is full of updates and information but that would be intruding and I do love your blog the way it is. I love to edit and mess with themes

any theme help is welcome honestly, this one needs serious help and I’m rubbish at html

❝ Anonymous asked: Firstly you do not have to justify yourself to anyone. That anon was out of line. This girl is practically on here 24/7 giving us the most recent and best updates she can. It's her birthday and she's still updating. She barely sleeps and eats so shut your mouth she works hard for us. Secondly if there are no updates she can't update. What do you expect her to do?. Anon please think before you say hurtful thing to this girl who works hard for US and who's birthday is today. I love you baby girl.

thank you very much xx

❝ Anonymous asked: do you know of anyone selling good priced tickets to the Nashville show? thanks

anyone? did you try stubhub, the closer it is the cheaper the tickets become for the most part

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